Updates from Current Scholars

We are getting some awesome updates from current Peyton Anderson Scholars at several different colleges. Here are just a few comments:

“It’s just really cool to see my peers taking an interest in other people and in wanting to serve others.” Candace at Georgia College & State University

“I am doing a lot of research related work this semester. I am also a Teacher’s Assistant for intro to social science research. I am enjoying that.” Lorin at Mercer University

“I’m having a great time living in a dorm. I get along great with my roommate, and I’m doing well academically.” Jeffrey at University of Georgia

“Well, college so far is definitely different than high school. I like how I get to decide what time I go to class instead of having all my classes back to back.” Mary at Georgia State University

“I just wanted to check in with Peyton Anderson and let you all know that Georgia Southern has been great to me. I love everything about being here.” Alexandria at Georgia Southern University

“I have also begun student teaching at a local high school. It has become almost such a tease because working in the school system just makes me want to grow up faster and get into the classroom.” Brandon at University of Georgia

“I just wanted to let you and everyone at the Peyton Anderson Foundation know how great school is going for me at UGA!” Camilla at University of Georgia

“I really only knew Sterling and Reggie up in Atlanta before I came up here and I’m even more grateful for the P. A. Foundation and Scholarship for introducing me to them. I will be home sometime soon and will stop by the office to see everybody!” Courtney at Georgia State University